Short Jewellery projects 2014

Material: Copper wire, spray paint.

I like to use lines to visualise things that do not possess a physical form. My interest in the power of line could trace back to Chinese calligraphy (cursive script particularly), where you can tell the emotion injected into the character by studying how the line goes. The movement, the motion that make the lines give birth to emotions.

Desire can be bloody, scary. It has the power to devour everything, at the same time, desire is infinite, galloping throughout one’s entire life. In this work, lines are applied to create a more tangible sense about desire. The two ends, open and closed, embody the two properties of desire described above. The waving lines constructing the open end seem to shake the surrounding space, while the converging lines at the closed end is like a black hole that is absorbing everything into it. Wearing it, all the red lines burst from the body, just like blood.



Material: Copper wire, enamel

The idea comes from a painting using the technique optical illusion. The main part is just a few leaves. But their special position generates a further image, a bird. This gives people a visual illusion. There is a saying that: Great painters usually see what they paint, not the other way around.

Material: Copper, resin.

Paul Klee has one famous saying: “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” His research and experimentation on colours and water colours is very impressive. His works reflect his dry humour and his sometimes child-like perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, and his musicality. The design of this necklace is inspired from his works and I use simple geometric shapes, like squares, rectangles. There is no curve in this necklace. I chose three main colours, red, yellow and green. The frame uses copper and the colour is shown by resin filled into certain cells.