Unfolding Stones I – RCA 2017 Degree Show

cracked stone 1
Cracked Stone, 2017. Silver, enamel. Photo by Azure Zhang.
See the world through a stone, 2017. Resin, photo by Azure Zhang.


This is a journey of unfolding a stone to better perceive the internal natural beauty. Each stone is unique. Each has a unique growing process and its own story. Many stones have amazing structures inside but the outside appearance looks very ordinary. This arouses my curiosity to explore what happens inside?


Cracked Stone, 2017. Silver, Enamel. Photo by Azure Zhang.



Cracked Stone
Cracked Stone, 2017. Silver, enamel. Photo by Azure Zhang


Nowadays, people seem to be very obsessed with cutting stones to obtain better visual effect, more specifically, sparkles. A great variety of stones are shaped into just a few patterns. People’s preference on stones tend to be led by marketing, branding rather than their own experience or taste. If people are so obsessed with sparkles, are there any other ways to achieve it without cutting stones?

Blend into nature, 2017. Copper, wax, natural crystal. Photo by Azure Zhang
cracked stone 3
Cracked Stone, 2017. Resin. Photo by Azure Zhang


The final collection will show a recreation of stones using other materials, such as metal, enamel, resin, LED. There are mainly two things I would like to reenact, the amazing inner structure and the alternative options to achieve the sparkles.


untitled image
Untitled, 2017. Silver, enamel. Photo by Azure Zhang
Cliff, 2017. Silver, enamel. Photo by Azure Zhang
cracked ring pair
Cracked, 2017. Wax. Photo by Azure Zhang